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A classic, historical opportunity


Saluting the majestic Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh, drawing its proportions and inspiration from Greeceā€™s golden age, the Annex at One Commerce Square is a soaring 60,000 square-foot statement, punctuated by 22 columns of Bottichino marble, each 32 feet high.  

Above, high above, a 660-square-foot skylight bathes the grand main space and the open balconies that overlook it in natural light.  

Below, the full lower floor features a steel money vault that weighs 26 tons.  

Outside, the base is Stone Mountain granite with Indiana limestone above. The doors and grille work are heavy bronze.  

Solid. Impressive. Amazing.  

Taken in whole or in part, as a trading floor or office floors, as a signature restaurant or singular headquarters, put your business in a unique position.  

Put yourself into the National Register of Historic Places. Up to 63,000 sf available.

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