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Architect of ONE

Roy Harrover

If you design one building that changes things, that moves people to use space in different ways, that alters views and offers vision, that building becomes an icon.

Say, the Memphis College of Art, for instance, the first building in Tennessee to grace the cover of Progressive Architecture.

If you keep designing buildings that do all of that, redefine larger spaces in big ways, you become noted.

Noted for the elegant and innovative champagne glass imagery of Memphis International Airport, for the amazing and engaging detail of the scale model Mississippi and the park it flows through, for the inviting Church of the River that invites land, water and sky into every service. For inspired marriages of form and function.

When all of that is expected from you – and provided – you become iconic.

Roy Harrover is iconic. And One Commerce Square is his soaring Downtown business statement. Impressive. Handsome. Clean, efficient lines. The look of successful enterprise.

Roy Harrover gave the Central Business District its lasting icon.

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