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Building Improvements

Improved Lobby

  • New bank branch.
  • New signature restaurant.
  • New coffee and beverage kiosk.
  • Enhancements including seating areas, TV monitors, lighting and finishes.
  • After hours security card access for lobby and additional security cameras.

Improved Elevators

Upgraded cabs and new controls to improve speed, and upgraded elevator lobbies and corridors with new lighting and finishes when full floors are renovated.


Improved Entrances

  • Monroe entrance improvements including lighting and enhanced ADA access.
  • Enclosed access to the tower from the garage and improved ADA access to the garage.



Improved Restrooms

Upgraded with new finishes and ADA access when full floor are renovated.


Improved HVAC

Core improvements including a new chiller to complement the new cooling towers added in 2009.


Improved Concourse

  • Upgraded finishes in restrooms.
  • Fitness/locker rooms.
  • Updated auditorium finishes.

Improved Garage

Upgrades to elevators, lighting, ingress and egress, signage and overall graphics.


Improved Exterior

  • New window film with better visibility and reflective properties.
  • New tower roof and anchor system.
  • Enhanced landscaping and lighting.

Improved LEED Efficiency

One Commerce Square is LEED certified.

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