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In 1995, we made the decision to move the AutoZone Headquarters to Downtown Memphis and the positive effect of that on both our company culture and on our city attracted me to the revitalization of One Commerce Square. I believe the same decision by Pinnacle Airlines will have an equally positive effect on their success, and energize the continued growth and development of Downtown.

The professionalism and experience of everyone involved in Memphis Commerce Square Partners is impressive. Their enthusiasm reflects this venture’s importance to all the citizens of Memphis, our hometown.

This is personal, and each of us is personally committed to the shared success of our tenants and to honoring the faith shown in us by an unprecedented show of public and private cooperation and support for our effort.

Be assured, the business plans and aspirations – even the hopes and dreams – of everyone locating in One Commerce Square will be made to feel right at home.

J.R. Pitt Hyde, III

Partner, Memphis Commerce Square Partners, LLC
Founder, AutoZone

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