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The Location

More than workstyle, ONE sets style.

People who work for, with and around you work better in environments suited to them. They’re more productive when workstyle is in step with lifestyle, when what they like to see and do is seen and done easily and naturally.

Running into colleagues and clients on a walk down Main Street is warmer than making a cold phone call. Seeing friends in a park beats seeing them online.

More than an office park or a building isolated off an interstate, an office has to be part of something larger, something meaningful that gives added meaning to work, that adds personality to experience. More than just connected, it’s being connected from along the Riverwalk, or from a seat in FedExForum, or from WiFi in Court Square. More than just convenient, it’s convenient to things like the art gallery down the block, or a picnic at the Ornamental Metal Museum gazebo, or a set at B.B. King’s.

Around Downtown

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