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The Space

Offering more from the very beginning, ONE offers still more today.

More than merely a statement, One Commerce Square is a soaring, 29-story exclamation point. A point of pride, of differentiation. A center point. A place to make your point.

More than just a building, look at it as a 396-foot marker. A measure of success, of progress. A place that marks your place in a city.

While the upgraded efficiency of our elevators and climate control, the flexibility of our floorplates, even ready availability of space might all be expected, where One Commerce Square is, who’s in it, and what they’re into can never be taken for granted.


In 1972, one building rose and stood in the center of Downtown Memphis, literally rising above the rest, standing for progress, and serving as the center of commerce for a city, for a region. Incomparable views awaited the visionary. Flexible space and amenities gave ideas room to stretch and profitability room to grow. More than close to the heart of the city, the city’s pulse was taken here. Meaningful progress in business, in law, in finance, in civic endeavor and in the course of every day life was made the first day and across the years.

And again.

In 2011, one of our proudest icons is being proudly and lovingly renovated to reflect progress yet again. Every square foot updated. Every bit as relevant today as then. From the windows to the entrances, elevators to restrooms. Garage ingress and egress to upgraded concourse auditorium. Lobby aesthetics to LEED certification. Informed by history, directed by current need, and enabled by technology, One Commerce Square is the once and future king of this city’s business addresses.

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